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PCOS common cause for infertility amongst women


Research estimates that up to 70% of infertility in women is due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) also sometimes referred to as PCOD. This article published in the Times of India a couple of months ago, calls PCOS a silent killer because it leads to so many different conditions and complications. Women Health in India is often ignored till it reaches a critical stage. Most women ignore the symptoms of PCOS till they get married and want to conceive. Gynaecologists often advice young women to ignore their PCOS unless they have visible physical symptoms like acne, hair fall, excess body weight etc.

By using our Clinically proven treatment for PCOS, which involves topical application of 2 plant blend extract based oils-Yin (PC) and Endobal, we have had 3 women in the last couple of weeks that have been able to conceive. 1 from Goa, 1 living in France and 1 from Delhi. It is extremely heart warming when we have young women that report they have been able to conceive.

The lady from Goa, who conceived recently after our treatment had told her then fiancé, now husband that she might not be able to conceive as she had PCOS. She had asked if that was a show stopper for their relationship. That was a happy ending for all !!!!!!

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