Traditional Diet over Whole foods diet

7 Benefits of a Traditional Diet over Whole foods diet

Needless to say, the traditional diet is a delicious roadmap to healthy eating. Instead of relying on the highly processed foods which are stripped of their flavor, calories, or even nutrients, a traditional diet celebrates the abundance of the earth’s offerings, featuring regional and seasonal produce, exuberant recipes, as well as the pleasures of the table.

So, when you say “traditional foods”, what does it mean? Well, these food items nourished the ancestors throughout history as well as prehistory before food’s industrialization was invented.

Avoid whole foods diet and choose a traditional diet to enjoy these top 7 benefits –

  1. Traditionally foods specifically discourage refined carbohydrates and modern processed food items, thereby this type of diet is considerably healthier as compared to the standard one.
  2. It removes soy which is the major health culprit for a lot of people.
  3. Traditional processing of legumes and grains decreases the amount of “anti-nutrients” in the foods as well as better nutrient availability.
  4. As compared to the other post-agricultural diets, the traditional one is a lot higher in omega-3 fatty acids as well as much lower in the omega-6 fatty acids, offering the healthier balance of omega fatty acids.
  5. Traditional and primitive diets have the high content of the food enzymes as well as beneficial bacteria from Lacto-fermented vegetables, beverages, fruits, meats, condiments, and dairy products.
  6. Along with providing you with fewer calories that are useful for weight control, traditional foods also offer you less saturated fat which is beneficial for your heart.
  7. Not only the traditional diet contains more lean meats as well as fish, but it also gives you more iron which is better for blood and muscles.


One of the major reasons why people prefer to choose the traditional diet over the whole foods one is because the former offers you more zinc that ultimately helps you in fighting infection and wound healing. Since traditional foods also have Vitamin A, you get better vision as well as it helps you in fighting the disease. Want to get strong teeth and bones?

Switch to a traditional diet as it offers you more calcium. Nowadays, a blend of traditional and market foods in general for a majority of people, however traditional food stays a vital source of several nutrients. Moreover, choosing traditional, local foods will help you in living a healthier and happier life.




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