“I am a patient of hypertension and my blood pressure was usually around 170-125 mmHg. Regular allopathic medicines didn’t give any results. I was suggested to apply Calm and iLiv and he could see the results within a week. After regular application of oils for a week, my blood pressure come down to 126-86 mmHg. I am very thankful to God’s Own Store for results.”
“My name is Kajaljeet & I am 50 years old. I suffer from severe knee pain & my weight makes the pain even worse. In winter the pain becomes really bad. Lately it has started impacting my ability to walk. On some days I did need to have pain killers. I did not want to make this a habit as it upset my stomach. I was gifted the Osto oil set which had 2 oils: Gogo Joint pain and Gogo OSTO. For a couple of months I hardly used the oils. 1 day I was in so much pain that I decided to use the oils regularly for 1 week and see the difference. Using the oils for 1 week regularly really helped my pain. During the winter my knees do hurt occasionally but the pain is much better now. I dont need to have pain killers to take care of the pain.”

“The oil was used by my 3 year old daughter K***** and due to the nice effect of the oil she was due-ly cured of her cold-cough and high congestion. This made her improve her concentration on studies and is a happy girl now.  So fast and effective. !!!”
Ruchi Malhotra
“I have allergy from smoke, dust, perfume etc. from last 15 years. Last year, I started using Combat(Ai) and had observed amount of relief. It has shown wonderful results.”
Jatin Mahajan
“I live in Virginia with my two teenage kids. Part and parcel of this phase is Acne. My kids had painful,red acne that was embarassing too. I had tried many creams before and nothing really worked. It just dried the skin and then the Acne came back. On my last visit to India, a close friend highly recommended Acne Pro . Back in the US, my kids began to use Acne Pro. As a family we were extremely pleased with the results & have been using Acne Pro for close to 2 years. Pain stopped on Day 1 and progressively the acne was cured within two weeks.I replenish my stock whenever I come back to India. My daughter applies Acne Pro as soon as she feel soreness or the pimple forming.”
“I had a peculiar skin problem. I had white patches on my forehead which got worse with the heat. This skin issue had been persisting for the last 2-3 years. This had an effect on my confidence and I always felt like I needed to use excessive make up. From Gods Own Store, I used 2 oils: Mela Plus & DOTS. My skin cleared up in 1 month. I keep the oils near me but have not needed to use them ever since then.”
Shreya Gupta
“I am 19 years old and was diagnosed with PCOD. My periods were irregular and I had a lot of mood swings. After using the prescribed oils from God’s Own Store, my periods became regular, my mood swings are much better. Best of all my ultra sound scan report is normal and I am free from PCOD.”
“I was recommended to come to God’s Own Store by a friend of mine. I had multiple cysts of 3-6 mm size in my ovaries. The volume of my right ovary was 18 ml and left ovary was 16ml. Within 2 months of using the report, my Ultra sound report is now normal report. Ovaries come back to normal size and no cysts. I could not believe such a great improvement is possible in just 3 months of the treatment.”
“I was diagnosed with PCOD about 4 years ago. I always had irregular periods. & my right ovary was 24.42 ml size.. Within 3 months of using the oil, my right ovary size came to 13.23ml. My mood swings are much better. I am so thankful to God’s Own Store for these wonderful oils.”
“I was diagnosed with PCOS and after a lot of different treatments that didn’t really work, I came to God’s Own Store. My family doctor recommended God’s Own Store for PCOD treatment. Within a month of using the oils, my acne is much better. My ultra sound scan shows that my ovary size has reduced. I have become more regular in using the oils after my ultra sound showed improvement.”
“I always had irregular periods & bad Acne. When I went to take my medical exam to become a pilot, I found out I had PCOD. I started using the PCOD set of oils. Within a month my acne is much better and my periods which were so irregular have started coming on time. This has been a life changing treatment for me.”