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PCOS linked to poor health and quality of life beyond reproductive years


I begin this post with a story that typifies society’s response to PCOS.

A young patient at Yogic Naturals, successfully treated for her Hormonal imbalance is a student at a Premier Design College in India. Her experience at Yogic Naturals changed her life so much that she decided to use her experience in an Integrated Design Project at college. The Project involved using principles of Design Thinking to build awareness about PCOS.

When the group presented a synopsis of the project, the Professor’s first response was that PCOS is not really an issue that has such a widespread impact. The group had to give piles of data around the Syndrome before they were able to proceed with the project.The above response is one we are likely to get from most people that haven’t directly faced the issue.

This article (link appended above) provides data around how PCOS impacts women even after their reproductive years. Its called a syndrome because it has so many offshoots and can impact Women Health negatively in different ways.

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