Weight Gain During Your Periods

5 Causes Of Weight Gain During Your Periods And How To Avoid It

Those five days in every month that a woman has to go through is not men would understand at all. At times, it could be painful, sometimes gloomy and sometimes you will high amount of energy that you want to use it on some activities. To get regular periods is a good sign of a healthy woman. But before it comes, there are so many symptoms that you may notice before it is about to come. A most common one is to gain weight. It is quite normal which eventually goes away soon after bleeding. But if you are wondering what could be the possible reason for weight gain and if there is any good way to avoid it then this article can be of help.

1. Blame Your Hormone:


Well, a physical symptom of premenstrual syndrome is something most of the women go through. It may vary in different ways of behavioural, emotional and even physical sign. This generally affects the women for many days before the period is about to come. As the hormones changes during the menstrual cycle, you start getting back in shape.

2. Lack Of Fluid:

This is another possibility of weight gain. If there is a high level of female reproductive hormone which eventually gets shifted in the body’s set of sodium then it may result in water loss. This is mostly noticed by women during their second half of the mensural cycle. This often leads to digestion issues as well.

3. Are You Eating Good Food?



This is the question you need to ask yourself at every point. As said earlier, the hormone, Progesterone plays an important role in weight gain which before your periods are about to come is quite high. This eventually leads to increased appetite and overeating becomes a reason that somehow results in weight gain. Always remember what you eat can be seen and experienced by your body. So eat healthy that will contribute to a better lifestyle rather than choosing the junk options.

4. Constipation:


Somehow the period affects the gastrointestinal tract because of which all toxins from the body start getting eradicated. This eventually results in muscle relaxation but at the same time the problem of bloating is quite high.

5. Stomach Cramps:


Another reason for weight gain can be stomach cramps. Such type of crams usually is the result of chemicals called prostaglandins which uterus releases. It causes contraction and shedding of the lining because of which abdominal pain and weight gain both occur.

To deal with it you must avoid salty food, say no to caffeine and alcohol, increase fiber intake, drink lots of water, stop pampering your body with those sweets that tempt you and workout on regular basis before and after periods for healthy results.

Infographic : How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Your Periods

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Your Periods

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