An iconic churning of the ocean to extract its nectar was facilitated by Lord Sri Hari. Sri Hari or Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the Universe took the form of the turtle, the pivot, on which the churning happened. The turtle, thus is the basis for extraction of the Elixir- the birth of Ayurveda.

The turtle is our brand icon. It signifies the extraction of the essential oil serum from different plants and herbs for the benefit of mankind. The turtle lives long and we aim and wish each person a healthy and long life.

Our blends of plant extracts are rooted in the Ayurveda philosophy and inspired by the Sharangdhar Samhita. True natural extracts that are unadulterated by any chemicals or preservatives, act like Elixir for mankind in today’s day and age.

Used topically, these oil serums are highly effective and safe. They are easy to use and have no side effects.