How does air pollution affect human health?

The elementary healthcare lesson is we should breathe fresh air, drink pure water and eat healthy foods. If any one of the above aspects is not followed, the human body gets into assorted sicknesses, ailments, diseases, and disorders. We can be choosy in drinking pure water and eating healthy foods. But Air is a substance we have no control over, and inevitably we have to breathe the air available around us. Air pollution is a plague that is causing the human race loads of problems.


What is air pollution?

When the Air in Earth’s atmosphere gets mixed up with pollutant substances and destroys the purity of air, we call it Air Pollution. In our present day world, Scientists have analyzed air and found that the following Air Pollutants spoil the air:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Sulfur Oxides
  • Nitrogen Oxides
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Particulates (fine particles)
  • Persistent free radicals
  • Toxic Metals
  • Chlorofluorocarbons
  • Ammonia
  • Odor
  • Radioactive Pollutants

When humans inhale the air polluted with the above substances, it becomes poisonous to cause numerous troubles as Air Pollution Effects.


How human health gets affected?

All living things have to breathe Air. The air we inhale travels through respiratory tubes to reach the lungs and enables the human body to carry out its regular functions. Owing to Air Pollution, the toxic air causes diabolic after-effects in the body system and brings forth various diseases.


Air Pollution Effects:

People living in highly air-polluted areas are susceptible to the following diseases –

  • Higher risk of Asthma, Bronchitis and other respiratory problems
  • The lung function is affected very badly and makes people suffer respiratory inflammation
  • The risk of lung Cancer increases manifold
  • Continuous coughing, sneezing and running nose make people gasp for good air, and they get fatigue easily
  • Polluted air damages the Immune System(which can invite more diseases) endocrine as also reproductive systems
  • Highly polluted air with particles increases heart problems
  • Carbon dioxide pollution is the worst for breathing and can even cause fatal accidents due to breathing problems

Air pollution effects do not end there. Apart from directly damaging human health, it is instrumental in polluting water and the environment as well. As a result, animals, plants and vegetables etc. imbibe poisonous substances which cause even greater havoc to human health conditions.

Awareness about air pollution & its effects is good. It helps us take precautionary measures to prevent diseases and ailments.

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