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Impact of plant-based natural extracts on pollutants and pathogens in the air

Air pollution is one of the key environmental risk factors to health.

The Air quality guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO) provide an assessment of the health effects of air pollution and thresholds for health-harmful pollution levels. It was identified that in 2014, approximately 92% of the world population was unable to live in places with good air quality according to WHO guidelines levels. The fine particles in air pollution cause inflammation in one’s body especially in lungs and liver.

A recent study revealed that compounds in certain plant extracts/oils can reduce the inflammation caused by breathing in these pollutant fine particles. These compounds, known as phenyl-propanoids, act as antioxidants and have amazing anti-inflammatory powers. Researchers put these powers to the test by applying them to liver and lung cells damaged by fine particle air pollutants. They found that these compounds lowered levels of two pro-inflammatory cytokines (proteins that body releases when it’s inflamed) by 87% and 96%. It’s the first-time scientists have found evidence that compounds in natural essential oils can counteract inflammation from polluted air.

WHiFF – The healthy air spray, using plant-based active nano extracts, is a technological breakthrough which is a simple, safe and effective solution to poor air quality by reducing pollutants and pathogens in air. The spray herbal contents act as neutralizing agents which float in the air to neutralize the pollutants and pathogens in the air.

It is a 100% natural spray of herbal extracts that reduce PM2.5, PM10, volatile organic compound (VOC), Form- aldehyde (HCHO), air-borne pathogens, carbon dioxide (CO2), and spores and fungus.

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