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Impact on Plant Based Nature Extracts on Pollutant and Pathogens in the Air


The Corona Virus has come to India & everyone seems to be impacted. Every year we are hit by a Viral epidemic & the negative effects just grow. This year has been particularly bad. We have had both the H1N1 virus and the Corona Virus.

The SAP offices across India have been impacted due to the H1N1 virus. 5 Supreme Court Judges contracted the HINI flu resulting in deferment of cases and the loss of valuable time at work.

Schools in the Delhi NCR closed, flights cancelled, meetings put on hold…the list is endless. This is just the economic cost !!!!

The incalculable cost to human life and the economic due to Bacterial and Viral infections cost rises every year.

The virus is spread from person-to-person. It is transmitted as easily as the normal seasonal flu and can be passed to other people by exposure to infected droplets expelled by coughing or sneezing that can be inhaled, or that can contaminate hands or surfaces.

These droplets typically spread about one meter. They hang suspended in the air for a while, but then land on surfaces, where the virus can survive for up to two to eight hours.

Anyone who touches these surfaces can spread the virus on further by touching anything else.


Pathogen* Load in the Air:

The key cause for epidemics like Swine flu and viral fevers is the increased pathogen load in the air. WHIFF has natural plant extracts that are known to dramatically reduce the pathogens in the air making this an ideal solution for homes, schools, offices, railways, malls and hospitals. Works almost instantly!!
*as per test reports and proof of concept study by AIIMS

Once WHIFF is sprayed in the room, its droplets hang in the air for a couple of hours and neutralize Pathogens and Disease causing Bacteria.

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