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Let’s not forget about Indoor Air Pollution


A lot of our patients that come to us with a history of Respiratory problems avoid stepping outside when the Pollution is high. However, the challenge is that Air Pollution that exists outside gets trapped inside. This sometimes leads to a situation where the indoor air pollution levels are higher than the pollution outside.

Further compounding the challenge is cooking that takes place in our homes. If you check the AQI readings before and after a meal is cooked, you will see a spike in the Pollutant levels.

WHiFF-a technological breakthrough is a simple, safe & effective solution to poor air quality and its toxic impact on the respiratory system. It reduces the impact of PM 2.5 and PM 10, improves Breathability & reduces the effects of VOCs in the Air.

Made from Natural Plant extracts, it not only purifies the air but makes it Healthy!!!!

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