PCOS is a common cause of high infertility RATE in Indian Women

Why PCOS is a common cause of high infertility RATE in Indian Women?

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What causes PCOS?

The exact cause of PCOS is not pinpointed yet, since this Syndrome may appear in one out of ten women at the reproductive stage. The possible reasons are – increased levels of hormones known as androgens; insulin resistance meaning the insulin produced inside the body is not spent properly, and stocked as fat-cells in the tissues; obesity and irregular menstrual cycles, etc.

What will be major health risks for women with PCOS?

This Syndrome involves serious health risks for women, leading to life-long consequences. If the insulin secretion, which is maintaining the body metabolism perfectly working, is not at the levels it should be, the person will get diabetes. This is a dangerous disorder to plague the person consistently and continuously ever.

Obesity is the direct result of PCOS, as the unwanted and unspent insulin is transformed into fat cells stock inconspicuous areas of belly, hip, thighs, breasts, and buttocks. No wonder the woman gets an ugly figure, apart from causing many other troubles, inability to walk fast, do anything briskly and gasping for air after they climb small stairs etc.

High infertility rate due to PCOS:

For any woman to get pregnant, her menstrual cycle should be regular. Every month the ovaries should produce healthy eggs to join with male sperm, to reach the uterus and conceive a child. PCOS affects this normal cycle seriously. So the woman loses the chance of conception, even if the male partner is healthy and produces energetic sperm cells. With the result, female infertility is on the increase.

The Indian women are most susceptible to catching PCOS disease since they have gone far away from their traditional lifestyles followed for ages in Indian History. Technology advancements have brought forth many facilities at home, whereby they don’t need to exert their body parts as before.

Changing lifestyles and unhealthy food habits of the modern world have become the enemies of Indian women, to cause PCOS disease to a great extent. Yet they can very well get released from the clutches of PCOS and highly prevalent female infertility if they divert their attention towards Natural Cures and Substances.

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