7 ways to heal a ligament tear!

People associated with sports activities tend to sustain injuries to their bod, fairly often. This is because of over-use of the limbs, beyond what most people are used to. A ligament tear is one of the common injuries sustained by sportsmen and women. There are different ways for treating a ligament tear. Let us view the most effective and commonly used ways to heal faster, and return to normal activity sooner.

What is Ligament?

Nature has provided the human body with many wonderful substances, to safeguard body parts and prolong normal activities easily. Ligaments are short-bonds of tissue that are tough but flexible fibers, connecting the bones with the body muscles.

These ligaments get torn when excessive and abnormal pressure is applied to them. Most ligament tears occur at the knee-joints and ankles (or rarely wrists).

There are 3 stages of Ligament Tear namely – Grade-1 mild; Grade II moderate; and Grade III complete Ligament Tear.

Symptoms of a Ligament Tear:

  • Sudden onset of severe pain and immediate swelling
  • Inability to move the joint and increased pain while moving
  • Pain and discomfort increasing with every passing hour

A ligament tear is also known as a “sprain”. A mild and Grade I sprain will heal within a few weeks, after taking appropriate ligament tear treatment. A Grade II sprain will need some weight- bearing support or brace and will take more time to heal. Grade III is a somewhat serious injury and may require surgical ligament tear treatment.

The healing process of a ligament tear:

You must scrupulously adhere to the following important ways to heal quickly.

  1. First Aid is very important. When you sustain any ligament injury, immediately put ice over the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes. This will help numb the pain temporarily.
  2. Seek prompt medical advice and consult a physiotherapist.
  3. Take complete bed-rest without moving the injured part
  4. Compress the ligament tear portion with a bandage or tape, to arrest movement of tissues and further damage to ligaments
  5. The human body has its own healing power. So give adequate time for the Ligament fibers to grow again, and cover the Ligament Tear completely.
  6. Follow the instructions of the physiotherapist to do the specified exercises
  7. If surgery is needed, adhere to the instructions of the post-operation period, given by the Surgeon.

A ligament tear can heal quickly if you carefully follow the suggestions given above and take precautions not to aggravate the injury.

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