Surviving Winter with Osteoarthritis

8 Tips to Surviving Winter with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one type of arthritis, which affected several millions of people across the globe. It happens when there is wearing of the protective cartilage cushioning the bones ends over time. But osteoarthritis can also affect other joints, hands, knees, hips as well as spine joints. In winter months life seems like misery for the patients of osteoarthritis. We are sharing 8 tips for surviving in winter with osteoarthritis.

  • Put on warm dresses: In case it is cold outside, ensure you keep your cold hands warm by putting gloves, with extra layers of cover for knees and legs too. Women are especially recommended to wear tights or leggings in winter to stay warm in case they are suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • Keep the body hydrated: We feel less thirsty in winter months and end up drinking less water which dehydrates the body making body sensitive to pain.  Drink sufficient water to keep the body hydrated to reduce pain.
  • Reduce body weight: Due to pain, it is common to see Osteoarthritis patients making fewer body movements leading to increased body weight. But in winter you need to increase your body activities to keep body functional and less prone to pain.
  • Do regular exercise: Exercise is very important whether you have Osteoarthritis or not.  Practice some lightweight exercise in case you are unable to do tough exercises. Even you can go for a walk for minimum 30 mins as this will keep the body warm.
  • Drink warm water: We understand that drinking normal water in winter is difficult and painful too. We suggest taking warm water to maintain body hydration and warmth in the body.
  • Take Vitamin D supplement:  Lack of sufficient level of Vitamin D in the body can be a reason for severe pain in Osteoarthritis patients in winter months. The body remains deprived of the morning sun rays which is the ultimate source of Vitamin D for the body. To cope up with this condition start taking Vitamin supplements to fulfill body demands.
  • Include fish oil in diet:  Experts say that Omega-3 fatty acids offer some specific benefits to the body by reducing the level of body inflammation caused due to Osteoarthritis. But before you take Omega 3 supplement consult your doctor first
  • Be safe: In winter months chances of falling on ice solid roads is common to see.  To avoid further damage to joints due to falling out we recommend you to wear solid shoes having good treads and walk on less slippery surface roads.

Apart from the above tips if you want to know something more for precaution visit to consult your doctor.

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