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I-Liv (20 ml) – The anxiety and stress relief medication



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<h3><strong>Supplementary support for stress and emotional wellbeing</strong></h3> <strong>i-Liv,</strong> a unique blend of natural oils that optimize, support and maintain a calm and balanced mind in times of stress. Useful for all ages, this oil blend has a long-lasting uplifting aroma. The advantages of using this seemingly wondrous plant oil blend is manifold – since these are used topically (no ingestion), there are minimal or no side effects. This helps reduce intake of conventional medicines and maintains psychological wellness being holistically accepted by the body. It also reduces costs significantly – direct as well as indirect, and improves quality of life and wellness quotient of people. The dosage is a few drops rubbed in the relevant areas. Dosage and detailed instructions for use shall be shared separately. <h3>Symptom:</h3> <img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-3378″ src=”” alt=”” /> If you tend to give in to anxiety frequently, as many of us do in today’s demanding world, your body may be in a heightened state of stress most of the time. And that can lead to serious health problems. Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in your body. It can suppress your immune system, upset your digestive and reproductive systems, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speed up the aging process. It can even rewire the brain, leaving you more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When you sense danger—whether it’s real or imagined—the body’s defences kick into action in a rapid, automatic process known as the “fight-fright-or-flight” reaction or the “stress response”. Stress isn’t always bad. In small doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best. But beyond a certain point, stress stops being helpful and starts causing major damage to your health, your mood, your productivity, your relationships, and your quality of life. It is then all-important to take action to bring your nervous system back into balance. You can protect yourself — and improve how you think and feel — by learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of chronic stress and taking steps to reduce its harmful effects. &nbsp; <h3></h3>