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Corns and Callous’ are thick, hardened layers of skin that develop when your skin tries to protect itself against friction and pressure. They often develop on feet and toes or hands and fingers. Currently, the general remedies are the application of Salicylic acid based products. The solution is cumbersome and harms the skin around the corn and takes a number of days to heal. Our product is a 100% natural, plant extract based oil that: a. Treats corns b. Reduces pain & discomfort c. Improves skin texture. d. Clinically tested and validated by an independent Clinical Research Organization through a prospective, single arm study to assess the efficacy and safety of our natural oil. Key Features: General Features:
  • Ayurveda Nanocellopathy- blend of 100% natural, plant extracts/oils
  • Topical use only (No ingestion of medicines)
  • Scientific, Safe & Effective
  1. Non metabolized as no ingestion
  2. No steroids, heavy metals or added chemicals
  3. Standardized product and protocol
  • Holistic that focuses on the root cause & not symptoms alone
  • Direct& Targeted – Fast acting- Ease of use
  • WHO-GMP Certified
Functional Features:
  • A plant extract-based oil blend preparation.
  • Reduces pain and discomfort fast
  • Significantly reduced various signs and symptoms associatedcornsand callous including their size, depth
  • Works without harming the surrounding skin
  • Fast acting: reduces pain in less than a day
  • Removes the corn without the skin breaking