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AGNI (15 gm) | External Use Gel



AGNI: Improve desire and enhance pleasure; supports quality sexual health.

A unisex solution aimed at the pleasure of the woman, for the pleasure of the man lies in pleasuring the woman. Long lasting enjoyment that improves the bond of love between the partners. Share the intimate joy of love repeatedly.


AGNI  The goodness of high quality, pure plant extract oils that help support the male/female sexual system to improve mood, confidence and intensity of pleasure, leading to better and harmonious relationships. This is based on an age-old secret formulation that helps stimulate the senses thanks to its constituents. A blend of pure stream distilled plant oils that are rich, sensuous, revitalizing and rejuvenating is a must-have support to make moments of intimacy more pleasurable.


For men apply small quantity of the cream on the penis and massage lightly into the skin and keep rubbing till the cream absorbed. Use at-least twice daily. For women apply small quantity on and around the clitoris/vaginal lips. A little quantity can also be used inside the vagina.

How To Use