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Soothe (10 ml) – The Allergic and Dry Cough treatment


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Provides support to relieve an Allergic Cough

Soothe  is a blend of pure plant oils and herbal extracts that help maintain a healthy throat against allergic dry cough. The dosage is a few drops rubbed on the throat region. (Dosage and detailed instructions for use shall be shared separately.) Cough is a reflex caused by the stimulation of lining of the nose, throat, voice box or lungs and it’s a normal defence mechanism of the body. Most coughs – based on their cause – can be mainly divided into allergic cough (coughing due to an allergen) or those caused due to infections. Allergic dry cough can be uncontrollable most of the time, especially when the elusive allergen is lurking around, oblivious to the victim! There are multiple allergies that can cause cough and we have to blame our changing lifestyle and the kind of urbanised environment we live in for that. Allergens irritate the various linings of the nose, throat, noise box or lungs which lead to inflammation or swelling which causes the cough. Symptomatic treatment includes taking care of the symptoms while other methods include anti-allergy treatments where we try and find out what you are allergic to and then administer a vaccine that can protect against allergens you’re exposed to. The fact that the allergy-causing factor is very difficult to zero in on, thanks to a complicated set of allergen-testing procedures, allergic dry cough tends to go untreated most of the time. For effective management of allergic dry cough, we propose Soothe, an effective, natural, body-friendly and holistic solution, without side effects, cost effective, quick acting and safe.