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MSM(X) (20 ml)+ Medha (20 ml)- Supports in Alzhimers & Dementia treatment


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A unique blend of pure plant oils that supports circulation, immune system and helps improve nerve coordination. Useful for all ages, this potent oil blend relaxes the mind and keeps it in optimal condition to face daily stress and strains. It is an age-old formulation that supports the different nerves and their health, naturally. MSM (X) and Medha combination supports mind alertness and memory MSM (X) has proven to be a useful as a good tonic for the nerves. Medha literally means sharpness of mind; a highly aware and an alert mind. A blend of pure plant oils that have proven properties of awakening the mind; making it sharper. The dosage is a few drops rubbed in the relevant areas. Dosage and detailed instructions for use shall be shared separately.


If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulties with memory or other changes in thinking skills, don’t ignore them. See a doctor to determine the cause. Some symptoms may include:
  • memory problems, particularly remembering recent events
  • increasing confusion
  • reduced concentration
  • personality or behaviour changes
  • apathy and withdrawal or depression
  • loss of ability to do everyday tasks
Dementia is not a specific disease. It’s an overall term that describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities. Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Memory loss is an example. Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia. Many dementias are progressive, meaning symptoms start out slowly and gradually get worse. Dementia is caused by damage to brain cells. This damage interferes with the ability of brain cells to communicate with each other. When brain cells cannot communicate normally, thinking, behavior and feelings can be affected. Sadly, there is no single test to determine if someone has dementia.

How To Use

Dementia MSM(X) and Medha: Apply back of the crown chakra and; neck and under each foot on the particular point.