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What To Do After Your PCOS Diagnosis ?



This article from the Hindu says “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder in reproductive women. It is a common diagnosis in women presenting with infertility. PCOS is a syndrome, not a disease. It is a lifelong condition that continues far beyond childbearing years”

There are an estimated 120 m women in India and 6-10% of Global women, suffering from PCOS/D.

Yogic Naturals has a clinically proven, 100% natural treatment for PCOS. It uses a unique blend of different plant extracts to treat PCOS. The salient features of this treatment are:

  1. Topical use only (No ingestion of medicines)
  2. Scientific, Safe and effective
  3. No Digestion or metabolisation
  4. No steroids, heavy metals or 
added chemicals
  5. Standardized product and 
  6. Holistic that focuses on the root cause & not symptoms alone
  7. Direct- Fast acting- Ease of use
  8. Patent applied for


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