What are the Major Causes of Air Pollution?

We all are familiar with the harsh effects of pollution which turned out to be a serious issue in recent days across the globe. Especially the air is being contaminated due to the existence of different harmful particles. Be it indoor or the outdoor, air can be polluted due to the alteration in the chemical or biological or physical contents in the air. The air mainly gets polluted when harmful gasses, dust or smoke mix into it. Air pollution happens because of both natural and human activities. Emissions of harmful gases from the power plants can be an ideal example of human-caused pollution and forest fires can be a good example of nature caused pollution. Air pollution is classified into two categories one is visible and another invisible. Air pollution is the reason for several health issues including respiratory and heart problems.

  • Harmful emissions due to manufacturing activities in industrial plants: The prime source of air pollution is the harmful emissions from various industrial plants. Sulfur dioxide releases in the air due to the burning of duel fossils such as coal or petroleum and causes serious air pollution.
  • Emissions from the vehicles: Next in the list is the big cause of air pollution and that is Emissions from the vehicles. Combustion of fuel that is used to run vehicles is no doubt one of the significant causes of air pollution. Pollutants like carbon monoxide; etc mix in the air and make the air hazardous to breathe in.
  • Pollution caused by agricultural activities: The use of various types of pesticides and insecticides in the agricultural field turned out to be life-threatening for the human wellbeing. Lots of chemicals are being used in farming and these pollutants mix in the air in various ways. Ammonia is another extremely harmful gas which is responsible to make air contaminated.
  • Gases released from mines: During mining activities, hazardous gases are extracted and these are mixed in the air. Coal mine, petroleum mine, etc are responsible for massive air pollution. The gases released from those mines cause serious health problems to the human being.
  • Smoking: People from different parts of the world are addicted to tobacco smoking.  This habit not only causes serious health issue to that particular individual but also tobacco smoking is another big reason of air pollution too.  Passive smokers get badly affected due to smoking even in the case when they do not personally smoke.

Apart from those mentioned above, another significant reason for air pollution is the use of home heaters, air conditioners, chemical enriched wall paints, etc.

Infographic: Major Causes of Air Pollution

Causes of Air Pollutions

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