Suffering From Severe Period Pain

Suffering From Severe Period Pain? Is it a Symptom of PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a state of hormonal imbalance in females that affects them in various ways. Right from irregular periods to unexpected hair growth or male patterned baldness, PCOS may cause many abnormalities. It has become so common that research says, one in every four women suffers from PCOS. There are a number of ways to diagnose whether your irregular periods is just a normal thing or PCOS. Read below!

Having heavy menstrual bleeding with clots clotting and severe abdominal cramps could be a sign of PCOS. But, concluding PCOS only on the basis of period pains may not be correct diagnosis. There are some other more specific symptoms associated with PCOS that can help confirm the possibility of having a polycystic ovary. Let’s have a detailed explanation of the symptoms of PCOS, other than just period pain.

  1. Irregular periods: Missing periods or having consistently irregular periods is the commonest symptoms of PCOS. The imbalance of hormones leads to failure of the ovary to ovulate. And, as a result the menstrual cycle is affected too.
  2. Severe menstrual cramps with heavy or very light flow: Even if periods are not very regular in PCOS, yet some may experience very light or very heavy menstrual flow during your periods. Excessive blood flow or very little bleeding during periods can therefore be a matter of concern sometimes. Menstrual cramps can be an additional symptom.
  3. Fertility problems: In PCOS, the ovary fails to ovulate. This results in infertility problems and makes it difficult to conceive. Women struggle hard to fall pregnant with PCOS because they don’t ovulate due to the hormonal imbalances in their body.
  4. Unexpected hair growth: Having unwanted hairs on face, chin and abdomen area becomes common in PCOS. Also, excessive hair fall leading to male patterned baldness is another symptom of the hormonal abnormality.
  5. Oily skin and acne: Due to the hormonal imbalances, skin becomes prone to acne and oil secretion. Along with irregular periods, if your skin is persistently prone to acne and secreting too much oil, you may need to pay heed to it.
  6. Weight gain: Putting on weight consistently can be one of the results of PCOS.

If you’re also experiencing any of these above mentioned symptoms, there is a possibility that you have PCOS. Along with these symptoms, if you also have severe pain during menstruation cycle on a regular basis, then it can be an additional symptom of having a polycystic ovary. You must visit your GP who can investigate and let you know if your symptoms are due to PCOS or anything else.

Infographic : Home Remedies to get relief from Severe Period Pain

Home Remedies to get relief from Severe Period Pain

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