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SATIN (Anti-Aging Serum):

For effective support caring for skin, we propose an effective, natural, body-friendly and holistic solution, easily adapted by the human body, without side effects, cost effective, quick acting and safe. Our therapeutic oil blends aim to bridge these gaps through quick restoration of body’s homoeostasis without the accompanying side effects that other synthetic products that flood the market nowadays bring along. 100% Natural oil serum that supports anti-aging of the skin, SATIN is an age-old secret formulation that helps improve skin elasticity, fights fine lines & wrinkles, locks moisture in, encourages new cell generation and instantly softens skin. Created especially bearing in mind, the need for an anti-aging serum that supports the skin against the ills of modern day living – pollution, food preservatives, pesticides and other allergens leading to subsequent ill-effects, it helps support body homeostasis, in restoring body balance in conditions of oxidative stress, and also aids in removal of toxins and cleansing the system. Its natural ingredients are safe and holistically accepted by the body and help provide a quick turnaround. Dosage and detailed instructions for use shall be shared separately. Aging! This can be one of the worst nightmares of anyone’s life. And what makes it is even harder is that the stressful and polluted environment of today only speeds up the aging process! City life surely takes its toll on health in general, and skin in particular. This makes it all the more important to arrange for a detailed skin care regimen, especially because this tends to be the first thing you notice about anyone you meet. If you’re looking for the best anti-aging supplement, then it is very important that you choose the best anti-aging serum for your skin, so that it can fight with the signs of aging while helping you to get back that youthful and beautiful younger looking skin. Harsh chemicals are best avoided at all costs – all-natural is the way to go.