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Combat Ai- breathe easy during pollution and bronchial stress: supports respiratory system


Combat- Ai : Supports healthy respiratory system in polluted environments


A unique blend of 100% Natural plant extracts/oils with documented anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti viral properties that support a healthy respiratory system. In these days of high Air Pollution where the toxicity consists of Formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds, and the regular PM2.5 & PM10; CO2. Collectively they lead to a host of allergic reactions and inflammatory response which cause bronchial constriction and hence respiratory distress. Useful for all ages, This plant oil blend relaxes everyday stress & optimizes emotional health & well being. Consists of high purity and natural Lavender, Mint & Citrus family, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, Pine needle, Thyme & Ginger extracts/oils. This is a completely Natural product has a great uplifting aroma and has no added chemicals.


Apply on the chest & the back (lungs area) and under the feet. Massage lightly and enjoy aroma!