Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: the Silent Disorder That Wreaks Havoc on the Body


“Polycystic ovary syndrome is more than a cosmetic- or fertility-related issue. It’s a condition that affects health across the board. This is not just one disorder, and not all patients are the same,” says Dr. Ricardo Azziz, a professor at Georgia Regents University in Augusta, Georgia, and founder of the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society

Close to 20% of Women in India have PCOS. Inspite of the large number of women afflicted with the condition and the serious challenges PCOS poses, the current treatment available is symptomatic and not really addressing the core issues: regulating hormones and healing cysts.

Yogic Naturals has a Clinically tested solution for the treatment of PCOS. The solution treats the root cause of the problem: hormonal imbalance and healing cysts. This treatment shows results within 8 weeks, has no side effects and is topical use only.



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