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How to prevent osteoarthritis in young people?

The diagnostic processes for those young people who are suffering from osteoarthritis are a lot like from the older ones. There is a rule for the diagnosis of different kinds of osteoarthritis, such as knee and hip osteoarthritis. A major focus in both (and thereby also in the young patients) is the pain’s evolution. Moreover, the diagnosis is confirmed through radiography. Those osteoarthritis patients who are not over 55 years are considered as young ones.


  • This is the condition which is usually related to older adults whose joints and bones have started to deteriorate with their age. But, young people can also develop this condition, specifically in case they are extremely active in athletics.
  • Osteoarthritis’s development can be prevented in adolescence by mitigating risk factors.
  • Physiotherapists can encourage healthy weight maintenance, low-impact activities, offering exercises for improving joint stability for the prevention of joint injuries.
  • They can also influence by preventing putting a stop to further progression or a disorder’s complications as well as improving the self-efficacy of the patient.
  • If there is malalignment i.e., vagus/varus, leg-length discrepancy etc., a young patient must be referred to the podiatrist for the insoles to avert the OA’s (Osteoarthritis) development (in the knee or hip) at an older age.
  • Irrespective of the age, the most beneficial initial form of the treatment for those people who are suffering from this problem is exercise.


This might seem ironic for those young athletes whose condition might have been caused due to exercise in the first place. Finally, it is significant to teach the kids about how to know when they can take rest and get a break from physical activity. Physical therapy has assisted a lot of young people who suffer from this condition, particularly muscle stretching, neuromuscular control exercises, and muscle strengthening.


Maintain the healthy weight

There is no denying the fact that one of the greatest risk factors of osteoarthritis is excess weight as it puts additional stress on the joints that can fasten the join cartilage’s deterioration. Obese and overweight individuals are at a major risk of developing this problem. Losing weight can aid improve symptoms and reduce pain.


Take rest

Exercise can aid people to develop healthy muscles and joints, however, overuse of your joints can enhance the risk of developing Osteoarthritis. So, the key is how to balance exercise and taking rest. In case your joints are achy or swollen, give them the much-needed break.


For avoiding the problem of Osteoarthritis in young people, they should take proper measures from the very beginning to live a happy and healthy life in the long run.

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