Air Pollution Can Cause Lung Cancer

How Does Air Pollution Can Cause Lung Cancer?

One of the deadly cancers across the globe is lung cancer which is affecting the lives of millions of people, both men, and women of different age groups.  When you are asked about the most probable causes for lung cancer, the maximum of you will say smoking tobacco. But in reality, the main cause is something else and it is air pollution. It is the carelessness of human population which is causing so much pollution in the air and we are breathing this toxic air and welcoming chances of lung cancers in our lives.

Air pollution is caused due to the existence of solid and liquid particles present in the air. These particles are formed of acids, metals, organic chemicals, soil and dust particles. These are getting emitted from wood stoves, vehicles, forest fires, and various other manmade sources like the power plants emitting poisonous gases which are dangerous for our health.  When we breathe in these particles present in the air its starts harming our body slowly and steadily without giving us even the slightest hint for the same. We have a natural defence system which we use to sneeze out the bigger particles but the smaller particles cannot be controlled and it gets trapped inside our body and move towards the lungs. With time cancer develops in the lungs making breathing difficult and painful for the people.  The worst part of air pollution is that it can cause lung cancers even in young kids who play outside and breath in these air particles naturally.

What can be done to stay safe? Well, first we need to be conscious of what we are using and restrict such activities which can increase the pollution level in the air.  We need to restrict the activities like burning of wood or trash and by not keeping vehicles idle, especially for diesel engines ones. We need to check the air quality index daily before we step out of the house. If it signals alarming condition, we recommend you to make use of air mask when you move out of the house. Power plant emission needs to be restricted as it is one of the biggest causes of air pollution.  Besides this, we also need to educate our young generation and kids as to how they can contribute to keeping the environment safe from air pollution.

In case you are looking for more information on how to control air pollution then we suggest you get in touch with government organizations which are working for the cause.

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