air purifiers to combat indoor air pollution

How effective are air purifiers to combat indoor air pollution?

The outdoor air quality becomes even worse as the pollution that is produced from several sources gets confined due to differences in moisture, wind speeds, and moisture. The most efficient way to better the indoor air is to remove or reduce the pollutants’ sources as well as to ventilate with pristine outdoor air. Movable air cleaners also called air sanitizers or air purifiers, are designed for filtering the air in an area or a single room.


  • Air purifiers generally consist of multiple filters, or a single one, and the fan that sucks in as well as circulates air. As the air moves through filter, particles and pollutants are pulled in and clean air gets pushed back out into your living space.
  • A lot of air purifiers utilize ionizers to assist attract the particles such as static – negative ions bond to allergens and dust as well as settle them out of the air.
  • Most of the filters out there in the market are designed for capturing particles such as pollen and dust.
  • In case your office or home is susceptible to indoor air pollution, the air purifier can be useful to eliminate harmful particles as well as improve the air quality.
  • Even the professionals agree to the fact that air purifiers can offer proactive assistance in decreasing pollutants’ amount inside the homes as well as supplements us with the required clean air.
  • As an appliance that gives us clean air while also helping in maintaining the air’s quality inside the houses, air purifiers have become the necessity that cannot be ignored by anyone, specifically those who reside in the metro cities.


Both environmentalists and medical experts suggest utilizing the air purifier, with plenty of other measures for keeping the air clean inside your rooms. However, to make sure that the chosen one combats indoor air pollution effectively, you need to buy the one with the perfect fit for your room space. The most suitable method for ensuring the same is to match your room’s size as well as each purifier’s coverage area which is generally mentioned in the square feet.


Also, the placement of your house purifier is very essential. Most of the purifiers have air intakes either at the back or on the sides. Be it any way, you should leave a bit of space on the air purifier’s all sides for being able to effectively take in unclean air of your room and then filter the same.

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