Cervical Neck Pain and It’s Ayurvedic Treatment


Cervical pain can be cumbersome. Cervical pain, typically known as neck pain, is a health complication by which thousands of individuals every year are affected. The prolonged working hours on the laptop, sitting in incorrect posture, managing regular stress, and not including exercises in the daily schedule could lead to shoulder and neck pain. This problem is significantly common. So If you ignore it for a longer time, it causes a cervical condition. This is pretty hard to believe, but every second person suffers from cervical pain.

To get rid of cervical pain, people often use many types of medicines and machines available in the pharmacy. Despite this, they can not get eased from this cervical pain. Today we will discuss some ayurvedic treatments for cervical pain which can help you get rid of this from the root. But before we move to the treatment, let’s understand its symptoms and causes first.

What Is Cervical Pain?

Cervical pain is a condition that involves modifications in the bones, disc, or joints connected to the neck. The primary reasons for cervical pain are the wear and tear of the cartilages and bones and are often found in old people. Nevertheless, it can be caused due to other factors and therefore occur in younger adults.

There are different levels of severity of cervical pain experienced, from mild to severe, and each has its own pathway of treatment. Cervical pain exercises, home remedies for cervical pain, and medications are specific options that are considered commonly.

What causes cervical pain?

What causes cervical pain is a deterioration of your cervical spine, and there could be several reasons or a hybrid of them that could trigger it. Let’s take a look at some of the most typical reasons for cervical neck pain-

  • Trauma or an injury to the neck region. It could immediately cause the onset of cervical pain.
  • You may not realize, but you might be overstraining your neck. Work requiring you to move your neck repeatedly, leading to years of overusing the neck, could be the possible cause of this disorder. Most of the time, if it is a desk job, an incorrect posture could put unnecessary pressure on your neck.
  • When cracks develop in the discs of your spine, Herniated discs occur. In this disorder, The fluids that act as lubricants and cushioning materials seep out the discs. This condition begins to exert pressure on the nearby nerves and cords of the spine and neck.
  • If bone spurs grow along the sides of the cervical spine vertebrae, they will squeeze down on your nerves and act as a stimulus for pain.
  • If your cervical spinal discs become devoid of fluid, they will rub bitterly against each other. This is a prevalent cause of chronic neck pain.
  • As you age, your cervical discs slowly become more delicate and start losing their capacity to absorb shock.
  • Another usual cause of cervical pain is a swelling of the neck joints, which pinch the nerves in this region.

Cervical pain symptoms

You will know you have acquired cervical spondylosis or arthritis if you exhibit any or many of these symptoms-

  • You will feel stiff in your neck region.
  • The range of movement of the neck will be limited. If you try to push your neck to move beyond what seems possible, you might experience terrible pricks of pain.
  • The headaches originating at the back of your neck could signify cervical pain.
  • Muscle spasms of the neck.
  • You might feel a tingling sensation in your legs, arms, feet, and hands.

Cervical pain Treatment

MSM(M) oil 

MSM(M) oil is Predominantly a Blend of Mentha Spicata, Origanum Majorana, Eucalyptus Globulus, Pinus Excelsa, Sesame, Aino Europaea, Styrax Benzoin & other natural plant oils. This magical oil helps relieve cervical neck pain, backache, strains, spondylitis, and other chronic pain. Massaging MSM(M) oil gently over the aching regions can help provide instant relief. It promotes healthy muscles and joints for long periods. With all these properties, this oil certainly falls in the category of one of the most prominent ayurvedic medicines for cervical neck pain.


If you suffer from muscle stiffness, cervical neck pain, and inflammation, then this is the oil for you. This oil helps ease any pain and stiffness in your body. Using GO GO+, the neck pain relief ayurvedic oil can also help improve flexibility. Being a unique blend of pure steam distilled therapeutic grade plant extracts that stimulate circulation and relax the body, these powerful plant oil blends are useful for all ages, and has properties that help in pain management. The dosage is a few drops rubbed in the relevant areas. 

Why choose Ayurveda over pills?


There is a pill available for everything these days. People commonly take medicines when they are in pain. Medications don’t make the pain go away, though. They just mask it. These drugs could be anything from over-the-counter medicines to narcotics and opioids.

Physicians are quick to prescribe painkillers in the form of opioids for pain relief. Unfortunately, prescription tablets come with damaging side effects.

Whenever somebody stops taking prescription drugs, they usually wean off of them. If you were to quit taking medications for pain relief, you would have many unpleasant side effects. You could have fatigue, depression, hallucinations, night sweats, etc.

Even more problematic is developing a chemical dependence on painkillers. Therefore Medicine isn’t always the best way to deal with pain. These drugs build up a tolerance in your body and trick your brain into not feeling any pain. Also, your brain could be telling your body to stop responding to pain, which can damage your body even without your brain knowing it.


The Bottom Line

Ayurvedic oils like MSM(M) and Go GoOsto+ are an excellent alternative to dealing with aches and pains. As we have already discussed, taking a tablet for your pain isn’t always the best option. Ayurvedic treatment for cervical pain could be the best option to cure it permanently.

So If you need some relief from your daily aches and pains, including cervical pain, ayurvedic oils can drastically improve your pain. But, at the same time, you must include physical activity in your daily routine. It would help if you considered meditating, managing stress, quitting smoking, and minimizing alcohol consumption.