Symptoms You Might Have PCOS

8 Symptoms You Might Have PCOS And Probably You Don’t know

Fertility experts and gynecologists depict that half of the women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) don’t know they have it. Most of the time, lack of education regarding the disease often let it pass unnoticed. There are easy symptoms that a woman should know. These symptoms might reflect that you are suffering from PCOS.

PCOS symptoms you should know

Dark skin patches

Dark skin patches occur when your body is facing difficulty to process sugar. Insulin resistance can be linked with PCOS. If you find suspicious dark patches, consult a doctor and find out the reason.

Heavy and/or irregular periods

Keep a track on your menstrual cycle every month. Find out the anomalies such as irregular period or heavy bleeding. If the irregularity is frequent and not normal, consult a gynecologist immediately to diagnose any underlying problem.

Feeling fatigued after waking up

Even after getting a proper amount of sleep, if you feel tired waking up, it might be linked to PCOS. In fact, insomnia and sleep apnea are the most common symptoms of PCOS. If you repeatedly feel exhausted after waking up, get a medical consultation without any delay.

Cravings for carbohydrate

It has been found that craving for carbohydrate-based food is sometimes linked to PCOS. It happens when there is an interference with the functions of insulin in the body. It happens when your body becomes insulin resistance and glucose is not properly received at a cellular level. The cells start to starve for fuel triggering carbohydrate cravings specifically.

Adult acne

Acne is common among teens. The eruptions occur among the teens when they go through a hormonal change. If the eruptions occur at the adult stage, it can signify the presence of PCOS.

Conception troubles

If you are getting confusing results whole figuring out your ovulation periods with a home kit, you might seek consultation of a fertility expert. PCOS messes with the hormones your body needs to conduct normal ovulation process. A reproductive endocrinologist can help in this case.

Hair thinning

If you think that you are losing over 100 strands a day and your scalp is becoming more visible, it might be happening due to the increased effect of testosterone. PCOS interrupts with the formation of ovulation hormones and might cause baldness.


The doctors suggest tests for PCOS when you are diagnosed with pre-diabetic or diabetic symptoms. A beforehand diagnosis can be a great help to reduce the risks.

These are the symptoms that aid a woman to find out the risks of PCOS at an early stage.

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