hormonal imbalance

5 signs show you are suffering from hormonal imbalance

Hormonal balances can shift at any stage of your life. It can occur during menopause, pregnancy or before and after your monthly cycles. Throughout our body, the hormones make their presence and are responsible for regulating body functions. Certain signs are indicating that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance specified below


Extreme fatigue

Every individual is prone to fatigue at a certain point in time. But if you are constantly tired, then issues with thyroid gland  crop up. Recurring fatigue points to the imbalance of the thyroid gland. Also, hormonal imbalance paves way for lack of sleep and enhances stress levels leading to increased fatigue.

Persistent acne

Hormonal imbalance could be one of the reasons why you have acne before periods. The hormonal imbalance can trigger changes and cause acne to become worse. Testosterone, when found at higher levels in the body, is the cause of acne.

Putting too much off weight

Momentary hormonal imbalances can force you to put on more weight and even to shed kilos could be an issue. Insulin, estrogen at high levels with thyroxin at low levels force you to put belly fat.

Hair loss

A normal sign when you lose a certain amount of hair in a given day. But when the fall is more than manageable proportions things become out of control. You need to ascertain the reasons for excessive hair loss. The main cause of hair loss could relate to your hormones. Though there are several hormones involved in hair loss thyroid hormone has the biggest say. If the levels of thyroid function are low then hair loss is expected.

Hot flashes

The main cause of hot flashes is a negligible amount of estrogen hormone. An influx of heat is felt around your chest area that can make its way up to the neck and head. Known to last for a few seconds, the face is expected to sweat. Certain women can have a higher heart rate. On an average scale, hot flushes are known to last for a couple of minutes.

To conclude in terms of treatment there are ways by which hormonal imbalances in females can be rectified. There are even over the counter medicines available to address this issue accompanied by certain changes in lifestyle, like losing weight, have sufficient amount of sleep, reducing stress and incorporating a healthy diet to your regime.

Hormones are a vital cog in our body and responsible for performing numerous functions. If any imbalance in your hormones levels are witnessed the body is bound to bear the repercussions. The key is to seek treatment at the earliest to prevent complications.

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